The Postcard Project

Restoring organic dialogue between the Individual and our Institutions

Douglas Balmain
6 min readNov 1, 2021

While these postcards will likely never reach the desks of executives, owners, or CEOs, it is my hope that they will capture the attention of a few curious (and slightly nosey…) individuals in between the mailboxes they were dropped into and their final destinations at the bottom of some administrator’s trash can. Maybe someone whose name I’ll never know and who I never directly intended to reach has taken a moment out of their day to consider the sentiments conveyed or questions posed by one of these cards? Maybe they’ve kindled a few new discussions? Maybe they’ve reminded someone of our fundamental connection to one another, or helped someone to restore their connection to our one-and-only home: planet Earth…

…maybe they’ve inspired more postcards to be written?

The building industry lives to consume. It has no end—no goal beyond the persistence of consumption.

I wonder—as we stress our waters, soil, and air to grow monocrop lumber trees—how many of us pause to recall the snake that consumed itself?

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