Music, The Stage, And Why I Left

From Frontman To Solitarian

The State Theater, Northern California. 2013
Douglas Balmain, press-package photoshoot. 2013
Photo by Douglas Balmain.
From “Nowhere To Hide.” Photo by Tyler J Schwab.

“For a performing musician…if you have a free hour, you spend it practicing. But, if you’re a rockstar and you’ve got a free hour, you know what you do? PR.” -Roger McNamee

If you don’t need to sell your own music — if you can just play and perform — you have the luxury of giving your time to music itself. But, when it’s your music, if you’re selling your name—as the industry demands—you’ve got to spend all of your time off-stage running and promoting your business.

Many cramped nights were passed in the back of vehicles.
Recording in Nashville, Tennessee.
Burnin’ Both Ends. Released March 3rd, 2015.

“Amidst hipster folk and indie rock projects, Balmain has emerged with an album that sounds like it could have come out of Detroit in the early-1970s or Muscle Shoals in the late-1970s. It’s a vibrant and rich mix of rock and soul that has all of the swagger of the feel-good decade. From the opening notes of the EP, listeners can almost see the warm glow of fat tube amps pouring out of their speakers onto shag carpeting. The rocking blues-soaked title track sets the stage, but Balmain manages in only six songs to shift between soulful slow tunes like the exquisite “Home” to sing along anthems like ‘Meet Me.’” -Marquee Magazine

“Soulful and rockin’, the EP has a musical diversity and eclectic range from Shoals to Motown with his melodic vocal range from crooner to belter, the songs tug hard between the heart and head.” -No Depression

“Burnin’ Both Ends” music video shoot; Los Angeles, California. Photo by Douglas Balmain.

“When looking up Denver artist Doug Balmain, the words ‘rock & roll’ and ‘soul’ come up often. However, after listening to his latest EP, “Burnin’ Both Ends,” I don’t believe those words alone do his music justice. Every track on the album sounds as though he placed a piece of his own soul in it. It feels reflective, like an autobiography in a more poetic form. It will almost have you feeling like your speakers are confiding in you.” -Bucketlist Music

Album art by Drew Doorn.
The Lockdown performing live in 2015.
Pre-show warm up and soundcheck.
The Lockdown; Press photo shoot, 2015.
Dad & I; Grossglockner Pass, Austria.
Live at the Marquis Theater.
Booker T. Jones and I, post show. Left back: Lead guitar, Josh Skelton. Middle back: Perfectly executed photobomb by our #1 supporter/honorary band member Miss Taylor.
The Lockdown; press photoshoot. 2015
Douglas Balmain, “Nowhere To Hide” press photoshoot. 2014.
© Douglas Balmain. 2019.

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